Get new pets from blackwing lair in patch 5.1

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  Patch 5.1 is an exciting time, whether you're continuing on your questing for Wrathion in search of a legendary or you're just really jazzed about having more dailies to do. It also introduced the ability to go into old raid instances without actually having to be in a raid, making them much more accessible for solo players. For some of us though, it is an opportunity to continue on with a never ending hunt. The hunt for rare and special battle pets!

Unscathed Egg is one of the harder pets to obtain, as it involves killing Razorgore over in BWL, but it will earn you Untamed Hatchling. The problem with this fight, is that you will still have the stream of adds to contend with while you have Razorgore mind controlled. It's fairly easy for pet classes with aggressive pets, but for most classes you may have to call in the cavalry and bring at least one friend to help you execute the mechanics of the encounter. And yes, he does still explode if he dies before the eggs are cleared.

Broodlord Lashlayer is your next stop on the rare pet train, and lopping off his head you get a chance at a Blackwing Banner. With it you can summon your own Death Talon Whelpguard, a mini version of the Lashlayer for your collection. The boss is easy to solo, you'll honestly spend more time getting through the suppression room than actually fighting him.

Making your way to Chromaggus, you may find yourself the proud owner of a Whistle of Chromatic Bone and your very own Chrominius! Chromaggus is a little tougher than Lashlayer, as he still cycles through all of the aspect colors. Bring your best DPS and kill him before he kills you, otherwise you may be stuck freezing every so often over the next 10 minutes.

BWL is much harder on the difficulty scale when it comes to soloing, and in the case of Razorgore, most classes won't actually be able to solo it. Still the mini pets look awesome as tiny version of their boss overlords. Overall, killing these three bosses took over an hour and a half just because of linear boss fights in between and some mechanics that had to be dealt with.

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