The secrets of fast paragon leveling in diablo 3

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  As the Hardcore Paragon Level 100 players have come out long time ago, let alone the normal mode. Are you still struggling in the paragon level? This time we would share a few secrets of Fast Paragon Leveling.

  Secret 1: Hellfire ring for both you and your followers. One feature about the Hellfire ring is that it would give you XP bonus of 35%. And the follower would share 20% MF/XP bonus with you as well. Then you would get 7% XP from your follower. The total XP bonus you could get from the Hellfire is 42%.

  Secret 2: Choose Monster Power 1 and power leveling your hero yourself. It is true that you could farm easily in monster Power 3. But in MP1, the efficiency would be doubled. Just one hit can kill the normal monsters and even the Elites are just three hits. The time to finish a map is just a matter of how fast you can run. This only suits you if you already have a really good Hellfire Ring and do not farm the Ring Warden monsters. If you are lucky enough, the loots in MP1 may even match the drops of MP3. To save time, you should only pick the Rare and legendary items. If you are really not care about the Diablo 3 Gold, then you just pick the level 63 Rare items which would save your items identity time.

  Secret 3, Choose the skill to increase the movement speed. If you play a Monk, then you should choose the passive skill Fleet Footed which would increases your movement speed by 10%.

  Follow these four tips, I bet the speed to get the Paragon Leveling would increase a lot. Take a try and share this with your friends.

  Secret 4: Buy Diablo 3 Paragon Leveling in safe store. Of course, this would be the fastest way to get the paragon leveling. In our store, it would only cost 4.5 days to get the paragon leveling 20 to 30. But you have to spend money to buy this. It means you would have to pay for the effort and time.

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